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Products & Services

These designs can be crafted in a large range of colors, fabrics and finishes.

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CC Design supply all the best manufacturers, in any shape, any thickness, with springs or foam.

Duvets & Pillows

Thanks to a world-renowned exceptional know-how acquired from one generation to the next, our manufacturer factory has beautified goose and duck feathers and down for more than 150 years with the same exigency.

Shawls & Throws

Combining the love of natural fibres and their passion for their art, we select with great care the most beautiful wools and admirable noble fibres from France and all over the world.


Luxury wooden customised and tailor-made hangers, coat hangers, pegs and valets.

Give a unique style to your bed linens

All our creations are made to measure, combining your personality with our signature elegance.